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Rebecca Ryan Joins the Governing Institute as Senior Advisor
Futurist will speak, write and consult for the Governing Institute

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Mar. 17, 2016 –
Futurist, economist and best-selling author Rebecca Ryan will join the Governing Institute as a Senior Advisor in 2016. Ryan will keynote the Governing Institute’s statewide Leadership Forums, write for, and work with the leadership team to execute the Institute’s multimedia and development strategies.

“Rebecca’s ability to help leaders see what’s coming and how to adapt is exactly the kind of insight we want to bring to the Governing Institute,” says Governing Institute Director Julia Burrows. “At Governing’s Michigan and Pennsylvania Leadership Forums, Rebecca wowed audiences and inspired action. We knew we need to invite her to join the Governing family as Senior Advisor.”

In September 2015, Ryan authored an in-depth study of 44 trends shaping the future of local government called The Next Big Things: The Next 20 Years in Local Government. “After working for years with innovative city managers,” Ryan says, “the opportunity to work with Governing’s audience of state and local leaders seems like the perfect fit and a chance to explore the impact of trends that are shaping governance at every level—I’m thrilled.”

As Senior Advisor, Ryan will:

  • Be a keynote speaker at Governing Leadership Forums (including Texas, Virginia, Massachusetts and California) and at Governing’s June Government Performance and Innovation Summit in Louisville, Kentucky
  • Write several long form articles for about the future of government and provide insights for Voices of the Governing Institute at
  • Provide strategic advice to the Governing Institute regarding special projects and programs

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About the Governing Institute

The Governing Institute advances better government by improving performance and outcomes through research, decision support, and executive education to help public sector leaders govern more effectively.

About Rebecca Ryan

Rebecca Ryan is the founder of NEXT Generation Consulting and serves as the resident futurist for the Alliance for Innovation and for the Association of Government Risk Pools (AGRiP). She is the author of The Next Big Things; ReGeneration: A Manifesto for America’s Future Leaders; and Live First, Work Second: Getting Inside the Head of the Next Generation.

Julia Burrows
Director, Governing Institute